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Originally Posted by katanamaru View Post
Messing with weapons.dat is fun. If you mess anything up you can easily delete the mod and go back to redo it. It's also silly fun to make conc blast only cost 1 ammo.
Hahahah you're right. I've modified a few things, like blaster max ammo
Quite fun.

Originally Posted by katanamaru View Post
No. It simply changes the animation used when firing the gun. Unless that is what you meant.
Actually, it doesn't. I've only remarked that the idle leg stances were changed. Instead of being slightly bowed and turned to the side, they're straight and oriented to the same direction as the head (like the legs of an imperial officer, when he puts his hands behind his back.)

Originally Posted by katanamaru View Post
If you want the character to fire from the shoulder you'll need to change the stance as well as the firing animation. This can be your first animation test. Tip: you don't need to use Dragon for this. Unless you make a new animation.
Found that out I just need to understand all the lines in the animation.cfg file. It's a long way to find what I'm searching (Disruptor shooting stance)

EDIT: I've found a site that explains every animation (unfortunately in MP -- Maybe it's the same for SP?) that JKA uses, from head to death. The disruptor attack is "Both_Attack4", while the Blaster rifle (and any other gun except blaster pistol and stun baton) is "Both_Attack3". Switching the values should do it.

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