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Originally Posted by MrWally View Post
However, if you ever are in the Indianapolis area, they have this tiny restaurant called "Yats" that serves excellent Cajun/Creole dishes at a very reasonable price. If I recall correctly it was voted the #1 restaurant in the city three years in a row. That place is heaven. It makes Indianapolis halfway tolerable.
I'll be sure to remember that, I love Cajun food.

Originally Posted by MrWally View Post
And you've probably posted it before, but what's your career in the military? Did you enlist? Or are you an officer?
I'll be working in linguistics likely as I earn my medical degree. I'm afraid I'll be a lowly enlisted man until my hard work with school pays off, however. They say it's difficult to go from enlisted to officer, but I'm not really joining the military for an easy ride, so I figured hard work was part of the deal.

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