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Originally Posted by MrWally View Post
Ooooh, I would love to try linguisitics, but unfortunately my number one choice for college doesn't offer any languages that would be particularly helpful in the military. I'm currently considering starting as a communications officer while finishing a Psychology degree, but I still have a little while to decide.
Psychology would be good, they're trying to convince me to finish my schooling with that, but I'd really like to practice general medicine. I'll be finishing up my Psych work regardless, but I'd like to keep focused on my personal goals on top of my career goals.
My hope is that I'll be able to start working medical in the Navy after getting myself comfortable with multiple languages since I'd like to do as much of my own translation work as possible. Plus I think I'd enjoy getting to be a desperately needed translator for the time being.

Originally Posted by MrWally View Post
However, I know it's a long shot, but I would love to continue my photography career in the Air Force. There isn't much of a demand, obviously, but there are still some opportunities for it that I want to pursue.
That would be a very fun job with a lot of exposure (ha) to the world. If you do end up there, just don't be one of those guys that had the brilliant idea to do aerial photographs inside New York City unannounced.
Psychology and photography could probably land you some interesting paths in service. I bet you could do photos for your own research presentations, there's a lot of people looking into the physical manifestations of psychological issues, signs to determine depression, etc.

Originally Posted by MrWally View Post
Yeah, considering how relatively simple it is to start out as an officer the transition from enlisted can be quite the uphill battle, but it's definitely not impossible.
Indeed, I probably would go ahead and get stuff done to enter as an officer, but I'm really just wanting a chance to get the hell out of town for a few years and get myself someplace where I can focus on my work and not worry about feeling distracted by an average life. I also think it'll give me a greater sense of appreciation for what I can do for myself, anyway, so ultimately it still fits in with my goals for improving myself as a person. Plus it beats living with my parents.

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