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Originally Posted by 90SK View Post
I would love a KotOR III by Obsidian. LucasArts is such BS, their greed and unrealistic expectations for Obsidian ruined K2's potential, and Obsidian + the fan community suffers for it.
True dat.

LucasArts isn't generating games for the sake of making a good game, they're doing it because they want cash money. Seriously, an MMO over a regular RPG? How can they continue a seriously plot and story driven series with an MMO? They're whoring out the KotOR universe just like very other aspect of the Star Wars mythos, leaving originality and creativity in the dust. I want to be engaged, entertained, and enriched when I experience a story. Storytelling is an art, and every medium of that art it seems is being corrupted by greed and an ignorant demographic that doesn't understand quality.
QFAbsoluteT because the Clone Wars franchise ought ot be proof positive of this, then again looking back at ROTJ you could kinda tell this was where it was headed even back then. Ironically, though, I know one of the Ewok cast members.

This new "Old Republic" game's saving grace will be Bioware's involvement, and it's reception will probably be great... it's still an original idea being jerked around, manipulated and milked to death for maximum profit.
That's what I figure because while individuality will be there, one can't help but observe how the whole storyline will be grinded into dust and blown by winds into the oblivion of unoriginality that somehow mingles the drivative with the cliche. Might be fun to play but it will likely ruin any storyline uniqueness whatsoever. The same ambiguity that allows for the freedom, als is what already clouds it up before the game has been released.

Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
Never gonna happen, folks.

Besides, Feargus might talk a good game, but he never delivers. Sorry.

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
In any case, it is true that KotOR III will never happen. They actually did begin pre-production sometime after TSL before they ended up canceling it due to some kind of financial issue or something (look it up).
Oh that old news? Yeah, any person who was cynical upon reading that would have come to a realization even back then that LA was going to look into some other avenue for more profits in any scenario before even remotely considering making a K3. If the MMO bombs out into failure they might consider making a K3 as one last cut and run, but I think old Georgie boy is making his last stand here with this MMO. He'll either hang it up or move onto something else if there is still some blood left in the stone for squeezing out.

Personally, I don't think a KotOR III would be any better for the series or for the Star Wars canon as a whole than The Old Republic is.
Yeah, I hear ya on that one. He said SW will be around as long as there are people who want it--trouble is now that he is chasing us all away there won't be anyone left before long.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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