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Since your opinion thread got closed, I'll go ahead and express my opinion on the -series- in this thread:

The series is hit or miss, and I mean that in both love and hate. I cannot say that is overall sucks, but it definitely hits some highs and lows.

The highs of the series focus primarily on episodes that focus entirely on the clones. This is what the series should of always been about. The clones are interesting, and have some of the better dialogue out of LucasArts in awhile. They can be funny, the tactics aren't bad, and watching them doesn't make me lose complete hope.

On the other hand, you have Asoka.


Why does she exist?

It makes no sense at all for her to be there. She is young, brash, untrained, and worst of all she is Anakin's padawan. PADAWAN?! This is the boy who the Council disagreed on training, whom proved in the Clone Wars to be irresponsible, brash, and untrained as well as severely immature. Why the heck would the council hand this boy a padawan learner in the middle of a war?

This doesn't even begin to hit the fact that Anakin is barely a Knight, and learner are often only handed to highly trained Knights or Masters. Sure, Obi-wan had one handed to him but he did so upon continued request to the council. Anakin got his Knight status so that it would give him power in war, but this is he same boy whom the Council originally did not ever intend to train.

Anakin's plot hole aside, why does Asoka exist? She continuously manages to disobey Anakin and Obi-wan, shows incredible immaturely, and gets out of every episode by the skin of her teeth. At the end of episodes it is showed that Anakin tries to teach her a lesson. This is obviously to make Anakin look better by comparison, but if this was the case he wouldn't be needing to punish her in the first place. There is a particular episode when Asoka meet another Padawan whom is actually well trained and respectful, and she cringes at the sight of her. Why? Didn't they train in the same place?

This also puts the Council in question for putting an under trained 12 year old on the front lines of war. It was already shown in Kotor and even the 6 movie EU that the Council would rather revoke a child's training than send someone under trained into War, or under a learner but... well, another point for the prequel Council being the absolute worst to date.

Asoka should have been Anakins age, well trained yet still fun, and should have been there to sort of take over for Obi-wan as a compass for Anakin. She could have been a fold for Anakin, and taught him much that Obi-wan just didn't have the heart to. This would fix the hole of Anakin being far more mature in Clone Wars than he ever has been in any other media.

Overall the series didn't need to exist considering we already had the animated cartoon a few years back that, honestly, treated the characters with more respect than this has done. Overall its rubbish.

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