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I think its time i put my input on this discussion.

I would love a KotOR III by Obsidian. LucasArts is such BS, their greed and unrealistic expectations for Obsidian ruined K2's potential, and Obsidian + the fan community suffers for it.
100% agree.

LucasArts isn't generating games for the sake of making a good game, they're doing it because they want cash money. Seriously, an MMO over a regular RPG? How can they continue a seriously plot and story driven series with an MMO? They're whoring out the KotOR universe just like very other aspect of the Star Wars mythos, leaving originality and creativity in the dust. I want to be engaged, entertained, and enriched when I experience a story. Storytelling is an art, and every medium of that art it seems is being corrupted by greed and an ignorant demographic that doesn't understand quality.
Agree again. However, you have to be realistic here. Ever since the first company people have been wanting to make money and that only. (offtopic) Walmart is trying to put Amazon out of buisiness, and becoming this huge monster (ontopic) LucasArts is just a big company with no taste of art, or perfection. Almost every big company in the world only wants money. They don't care about the people. Companies will lie, cut corners, and exaggerate through their teeth to get money, and LucasArts is one of those companies.

Now I may be young, but i have a taste and the new TOR is just another ****ed up way to get money, just like the prequel trilogy. I love the original trilogy, and it may seem a little off, but that was the 70s and 80s. The character concepts atleast had some sort of good personality. However, the new characters are just stupid, And the Emo Whiny Bitch Skywalker just screwed up the whole thing of Star Wars. Thats when LucasArts and Film started going for money and only for the "Oh happy happy joy joy!". God I bet HK-47 would be shooting himself for the retardedness of the LA. Or maybe he would just go Rambo, like he did against the HK-50s(TSLRCM). Anyway...

TSL may have had some bad things, but atleast they did not put the stupid comments and statements that Bioware did, with all the seriousness. Atleast Obsidian HAD a sense of humor. The K1 game, however, was just "Stop the Evil Sith and Save the Galaxy!" Plus, Obsidian did very well in saying that the Exile did not have amnesia and did not ask the stupidest of questions, like Revan did.

So on the thing of a K3, LA does not care about us, just money money money. A lot of projects are being made. Like ROR. Atleast the community wants to keep the series alive, which i like. Because LA does not really give a ****, and probably never will. :¬:

So LA just thinks our rants are just but eventually people will just stop buying their crap. I played SW Clone Wars Republic Heroes (Yes, shoot me please) and it was terrible. Sure it had good graphics but it was nothing new. Just the same "save the galaxy" as I said before. The only good part was clone mod when you could go rambo and shoot everybody. Now that was good.

Okay, back on topic, yes my post is long but here it is. Kotor's engine is not the best, but the stories are good. There are two things that can be done with a new Kotor made from scratch. A. Make a new engine which allows characters to do things that the old engine did not allow (like jumping) and improve the graphics, or B. finish the story with 1 or 2 more games. Personally I like tragedies in which not all stories are happy happy joy joy. Maybe kill off one of the characters in an honourable way (Hopefully the emo Carth will die. We can only hope).

Here ends my speech. Please listen LA and don't be the same lazy jerks you usually are
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