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Originally Posted by JuniorModder View Post
2. MrCharlton posted a thread attempting to discuss Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Not one person replied. Do you know why? Because the mods closed on first sight. What the CRAP was that about?! I love Clone Wars and would have posted in that thread, but OH NO somebody didn't like it so they closed it, denying other people the pleasure of discussing it.
Liking The Clone Wars is all well and good, but anyone can see that three topics on the same program is redundant. I don't know the reasons behind it, but I would guess that the other two threads were closed because they served the same purpose (although, one of them, as Bill says, was pretty much useless and was beginning to turn into a spamfest).

Originally Posted by JM
Oh no, you better not double post even you having something relative to say because you'll be infracted.
I won't comment about the other stuff, as SWK isn't my area of responsibility, but double posting only usually results in warnings/infractions after a polite note about it. It is mentioned in the rules as well -

Originally Posted by SWK Rules
4.Try not to double-post. It clutters up the thread. Use the Edit button to add new thoughts to your current post. Double posts may either be merged or deleted.
In short, I forum is supposed to be a place where people can converse and socialize in an environment that relieves the stress of daily life. This is very much not that. I recommend you begin adjusting you're attitudes.
I can't possibly comment on the atmosphere in Holowan because I rarely visit that section of the forums, but 'recommending that people adjust their attitudes' is only going to add to those stresses, and rhe 'unpleasant atmosphere' that you're criticising.

Originally Posted by JM
And a thought about being banned for posting this, but this needs to be addressed, and if you ban me or edit this post to your own means, you live up to everything I just criticized.
No-one is going to ban you for raising your concerns, and I'm not sure what you mean by 'editing for your own means', but no-one is going to do that. The Staff isn't out to get anyone (We don't go hunting down noobs to infract, unless our MO has changed), or make them feel unwelcome, but I can understand how all of these things added together can lead to that feeling.


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