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Missing strings, huh?

It's a common error, most likely caused by JA's in-built mod-launching feature. Make sure you launch the mod from a batch file or a shortcut.

Batch file (write in notepad, save as .bat in gamedata directory):
jasp +set sv_pure 0 +set fs_game dfmod
Shortcut (create shortcut to jasp.exe)
"C:\Games\Jedi Academy\GameData\jasp.exe" "C:\Games\Jedi Academy\GameData\jasp.exe" "C:\Games\Jedi Academy\GameData\jasp.exe" +set fs_game dfmod
Once you do this, all the strings will load correctly. Make sure you do this for all the mods you can - I encountered the same errors when I used the in-build launcher for OJP, Forcemod III, and Escape from Yavin IV - and indeed my own JAE.
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