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Dravin saw blaster fire from the turrents that served as guards for what ever place they were in. Reaching his right hand behind his back he grabbed hold of his metal staff that was attached to his belt. With a quick flick of his wrist it went from being small and less intimidating to its true longer for and hopefully a little more intimidating. He watched as a red bladed saber cut through the turrents with no problem.

"Well suppose I get to test the special feature..." Dravin mumbled to himself as he climbed up on to the roof of the buildings.

When he got there he saw the cyborg looking creature, the girl from earlier and the one wielding the red saber. Then from his side he saw blaster fire and Cade shortly followed it. A grin slightly came across Dravin's face as he stepped back a little more into the shadows to watch the show. With a flick of his wrist the staff shortened and he placed it back on his belt.

"Seems everyone is going for the more direct approach. Suppose I'll try something a little more tactful." Dravin whispered to himself as he lowered his head, his hood covering most of his face.

Dravin traveled quietly over the rooftop keeping to the shadows, trying his best to avoid detection. He was hoping that his ability to sense danger wouldn't betray his confidence this time. Feeling his heart beat heavily in his chest, he knew he was slightly excited. He had had this much excitement in his life since was younger. As Dravin continued to walk he pulled out his blaster pistol that was attached to his left leg slowly from its holster. Placing his right knee down upon the ground and keeping his left elevated over the ground he pointed his blaster at the one holding the red saber. Taking in a deep breath and holding it, he fired off two shots and watched they're glow travel across the air towards what he figured was a sith.

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