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I watch it, but i think Anakin is just the same jerk he always was. Heres my input: LucasFilm was so embarrased when Emo whiny skywalker was criticized, so they wanted to make him seem not that way. By making him seem less emo, it just elevates the fact that he was emo. Even if LF tries to make him seem less whiny, the fact still remains. He may not be as whiny in the Clone Wars, but he still a prissy little jerk.

Now Ahsoka on the other hand should have been older, but still have the same personality. Now that I can see. The only good clone wars episodes were the ones which focused entirely or almost entirely on clones. Why? Because they are the only ones which seem to go into the action. They are like Mandalorians. Look at Rex, he is tough, and plus he acts and looks like Bruce Willis. Not the Armageddon Willlis, but Die Hard, the action series.

The clone wars is okay, but it is just the same story: Save the Galaxy from the Evil Seperatists. If the series were darker, and for teenagers and up, that would apply to my taste
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