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Can you post a link to the site that explains the animations? I'd like to look over that as well.

Here is how an animation line breaks down:
Using the single saber run as an example

BOTH_RUN2 12331 26 0 40

First there is the name of the animation BOTH_RUN2. You can use this to view the animation in modview and the anim.h table. Viewing this in modview shows me that this is the single saber run forward animation.

Second is the number 12331. This is the starting frame number of the animation. Base JA goes from 0 to 21375. The first new animation you add to the game will have a starting frame of 21376.

Third is the number 26. This is the number of frames in the animation. So the single saber run is a sequence of 26 frames of animation.

Forth is the number 0. This number can only be a 0 or -1. A zero means the animation loops. A -1 means the animation does not loop. So since a run continues to play it gets a 0. Animations like deaths, attacks, and special moves get a -1 since they only play once and then stop. Stances that are a single frame can be either, but I stick with the default value of 0. The easiest way to remember this is that the number 0 is a loop, and the number 1 has a starting point and an ending point.

Last there is the number 40. This is how fast the animation plays. A value of 0 does not make the animation stop, but will slow it down a whole lot. The higher the number the faster the animation plays. If you use a negative value, say -40, it will play the animation backwards at that speed. The most default values are 20 or 40, but depending on how you add or subtract frames to an animation sequence will determine if you need to change the frame speed. The only way to test this is to put the animation in game and play with it. The speed that Dragon says it is using is not 100% correct with JA. At least I don't think so.
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