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Originally Posted by Ibelin View Post
There was time i fell like i did fall in love with Bastila like some Anime-geeks in Japan who want to marry a girl in those anime things. But then i realised that was because Basty's so like my dream girl. =)
you're not alone

Bastila is my number 1 pick in Kotor, she has an attitude, and is not the save me type girl who usually appears in Super hero movies. As she said

Originally Posted by Bastila
Save me? Well I saved myself thank you. Its more appropriate to say I saved you
Bastila is also the HOTTEST! Her body design was excellent. And she is my dream girl too.

Handmaiden: 2nd in my ranking

Mira: 3rd

Visas: Okay, but no

Juhani: Okay, but not the hottest.

Plus, Bioware made the game so well that you do actually fall in love with the characters. Its so addicting.

Outside of Kotor, Mara takes takes the crown
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