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Originally Posted by daventry View Post
Im stuck at pulling the Star Destroyer and the Tie Fighters are killing me, what Cheat is for God Mode so i can stop dying and just pull the frikken Ship since none of the other cheats work anyway.
Try actually using your Force Lighting to knock off the TIE's and then start pulling down the Star Destroyer. You'll have time to pull it down enough to get closer to your goal before more TIE's come back. Then just repeat what I said earlier and then you'll get a clearing to do it again.

On the Star Destroyer, just follow the directions on where to move it until the light turns from red to green. It will take practice to get good at it, but it will come with patience. Because the faster you can do that, the more you can take the Destroyer down before more TIE's come.

But like it has already been suggested, you may need a strategy guide.

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