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Originally Posted by Shem View Post
I watch the show regularly as well and I do it mostly for the stories told. It really doesn't make a difference that it's mostly focused on a younger audience. I mean that should have been a clue to anyone since it is broadcasted on the Cartoon Network of all places.

I'm not going to say specially who, and not necessarily in this thread at all, but it would seem like shows that are more focused on a younger audience gets on other people's nerves as if they will be looked at as immature people if they like it, as if they won't be view as grownups if they admit they like a show like this one. So they nit pick at it to try to prove their maturity. I know that is something that would happen if you're a teenager when everybody is going through so many changes and most everybody is insecure about themselves, but we're you become grownups, you have to remember that most anybody who is secure in themselves won't care anymore.

I can actually go and watch a kids movie with some of my younger nieces and nephews and totally enjoy it. But that's me. Mostly because there is an innocence about it that you don't get in an adult show that is actually refreshing.
Shem, you are like the god of making arguments that can't be defeated.

OT:I watch it, but only sparingly.
I wouldn't DVR it, and usually only watch it on youtube if the video hasn't been closed down yet.

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