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I find it more political than art to conjure entirely different worlds for children than for adults when dealing with the same subject. That is my distaste for most EU and like some I'll only be interested in those written for the mid-teen demographic rather than 8-12 market or younger.

What I consider art is to render different presentations of the same thing, given younger people have different perceptions and celebrations of perception. A good example of this multidimensional flexibility are various childrens movies like Shrek and their ilk, which are as entertaining for adults as they are children without belittling either.

I think to conjure an entirely different world for children is born of the politics which belittle them, and makes no account for remarkable or noteworthy individuals among any demographic.
So then this politic becomes less about the perceptions of children and adults in the long run, and seeks only to enforce particular falsehoods upon all children. To define them where it is better to provide the freedom for them to define themselves.

Given that an existential average to begin questioning Santa Claus is 8-10yrs I think it counterproductive to use a patronising form of childrens writing for the 8-12 market where good intelligent writing would be of much greater value to their self development, and quite usable by this age.

LucasFilm has become quite childish in its writing/agents since Star Wars, imho has well and truly dropped the ball and lost the plot. The one and only SW writing I've been able to tolerate is the Dark Horse Comics efforts, who conceptualised the Old Republic era and did the Dark Empire/Red Empire OT sequels. Nobody else has captured the initial themes of Star Wars, everyone else has just fiddled with themselves on paper or screen over it.

Most of EU, the prequels, even by RotJ the simple fact is GL changed his target market from "young teen" to "children" and the shame of it is the belittling involved. I get along with toddlers and little kids famously because I don't run around pinching their cheeks and patronising them.
I think belittling children is an extremely unintelligent manner of parenting and quite counterproductive. A smart child is far more logical and aware than a dumb adult, the last thing I'd want to teach them is everybody thinks they're stupid and is only entertained by their malicious behaviour. All that really says is that adults are so stupid you may as well be malicious for funzies.

So treat them like little adults (albeit protectively), with intelligent and logical SW canonising of EU.
WTF GL proved he was an idiot the instant he Ewoked. That whole writers kick is mastubatory belittlement of children that are really into fantasy genre. They're just not that dumb, they want to know things like what components did Luke use to make his new green lightsabre and why was it green. 6-8yo's wanted to know that. GL puts bloody teddy bears on the screen. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

That's how I feel about Clone Wars.
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