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I try my best to follow the rules. I just think they're too strict. Everything is so serious here, I just wish everyone would lay off a bit. Makes me worry everytime I post that I'm somehow braking a rule I've overlooked. That's the main reason I've posted in the groups and PM's more, because I can release the breath that I'm always holding when in the forums.

I had a problem a while back with posting pictures in my NJO thread. They wouldn't show up. I realized that it was because the album they were in was private. I made it public, and then told people to ty it now. They said it still didn't work, and then I got in trouble for something out of my control.
The main reason that I got frustrated, was that I got in trouble for this site's mistake!

I looked for the Clone Wars discussion thread that MrCharlton made before posting, but couldn't find it. And if I had known all of the information about the situation, I might of had a different opinion. All I had to go on was what Mrcharlton said to me.

Pretty much every 13-year old says that, I probably did too back in the day.
You forgot the second part:
I've done things that most people have never done. (Modding, making stop motion animated videos, making music, voice acting, writing)
I'm creative, polite, intelligent, and I am different and don't care what other people think about me. Most teens say the "different and don't care what other people think" part, but of course, they all dress alike, listen to the same music, do the same things.. If you don't believe I'm wise, ask me a deep question. I've discussed abortion, politics, religion, the universe, evoltuion, and relationships. All of my teachers in the past have disliked me because they were intimidated by me.

I'll say it, you are imagining things and taking them out of context. However, if you don't following the rules, then those things will happen and that is not your imagination.
What am I imagining? The only thing I misunderstood was the situation with MrCharlton, but that was because information that was thought to be fact was faulty.

Perhaps not revealing your age, would be a good start, and then also a consideration that if you are treated a certain way, it maybe because of how you come across?
How am I coming across? The reason I'm so quick to reveal my age, is the fact that the only productive creative things (TV shows, movies, mods) come from adults. The kids dream of all of the things that they can do, but are too lazy to even attempt to learn the steps of making it reality. I want to try to salvage the reputation that Teenagers have for being lazy, selfish, and rude. I feel like the only teenager in the world actually working to make each and every one of my dreams come true.

I don't want to be rude, or cocky. I just have been treated like this everywhere I go, even by members of my family. My friends don't give me encouragement that I need because they're jealous that I'm achieving things that they aren't.

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