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Question for you; if you get treated the same by a lot of people, who come from different areas and walks of life what does it reveal? Is there something wrong with all of them, or perhaps something of your behaviour should be modified?
In their experience, most of the Teens they've encountered have had most of the qualities that I've described, or at least have been unremarkable.
They don't expect to find a Teenager that is different. Yes, I know that this is very shallow way of thinking but it's true.

You spent most of your post building yourself up; this is a very teenage thing to do; now your welcome to take or leave my advice but posting a post which for the majority claims how awesome you are is not a good way to make friends; nor is it actually a good way for people to think well of you, generally what you may find is people just think it arrogant.
I didn't claim I'm awesome. I just want people like ones described above to realize that there are teenagers that can make differences and do great things. It seems like I'm shoving it in your faces, but that's the only way I can get people to snap into focus.

See, I revisit this point, because a simple apology on this point would have been polite, you decided to make this public and regardless of the veracity of anything else, this point was incorrect. When you make a mistake generally you say sorry, instead of pointing out how it wasn't your fault.
I'm sorry that I misunderstood something alright! Sheesh..

The problem in the fewest words possible: Things are too serious here.

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