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Originally Posted by nizwiz View Post
Ah, the good old days, when PC games were ported to console, not the other way round.
Here, here!

Yeah, basically the Playstation version is a "close" port of the PC version. At this point though, since you can run both the PSX version in perfect emulation on your PC and the PC version in DOS box, it's the PC version all the way... not only is it superior in terms of graphics, control options, etc. but you also get to use the many mods that are out there (even if they may seem primitive by today's standards, remember this was a mostly sprite based 1990's FPS with no multiplayer). The stuff they came up with DF1 was quite impressive! There's really nothing in the PSX other than the sheer novelty of playing it on an old PS1.

A lot of FPS games were ported to consoles back in the day (just like today), but they were a mixed bag. It all depended on the team that did it.

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