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Chapter III – Choosing a Path

During the battle of Duxn, Revan's prediction of a “change” became evident to all involved with the battle. Either those who fought off the Mandalorian scout ships in space, or all the soldiers and Jedi who fought them on the ground. Either place, we felt the rushes of anger, the great pain and loss of those who fell beside us. Feeling death on such a scale, drove home stakes of both pain and anger into our hearts. Made some of us keep going, made others foolishly rush into death willingly. I lost friends, just as many others did. For every one that fell, I vowed to kill ten Mandalorians for it. I killed nearly two-hundred of them, not regretting one. It was not without physical pain however, as I spent a two weeks in a Kolto tank afterward.

“That was commendable Mercedes, but you do realize that some of these scars aren't going to heal?” The Med-tech told me, just after I emerged from the tank. “The scars on your face I can't be sure of, but the scars on your body, I can't repair.”

I didn't care. I was becoming more and more used to pain, either physical or mental. “It doesn't matter. Whatever you can repair, do it. If you can't, spare me the reasons.”

Once I recovered from my injuries, I found that Revan seemed to like me even more. So much so, that after Ithor, she elected to make a move that some would never accept. A move that would silently define her true motives to those who she planned to include within, but not those who would undermine them, such as the Republic Senate.

“Admiral Crowe” Revan said as the Radiance orbited Eres III.

The space battle above Eres III was going well, though as always, the Admiral hated when Revan chose to converse with him when he was directing the fleet. And just like every battle, Revan always stayed on the bridge, in a constant state of meditation. While she had told me of what this was, the Admiral wanted to know, but she refused to tell him.

“While I would love to converse with you Revan, you must realize that I am needed to direct the fleet, else we lose this battle?” The Admiral spoke with the same sort of tone he'd always used: The kind that simply said “Say whatever you wish, I don't care”.

“Calm yourself Admiral. Once again you put to much value into those fighters, and their pilots.” Revan didn't move from her chosen position, aside from looking at the Admiral for a few seconds.

Just like myself on Duxn, there was a lesson to be learned here. When soldiers see their fellows die before them, it seems to give them a large burst of emotion, which for some is the drive of their force connection.

“Revan. I don't care how you use those powers of yours, I don't care how they work, nor why they work. But I would prefer that you use them when you are leading a battle, not when I am.” The Admiral turned back to the holo-board, checking the status of his fighters.

“Admiral, you still think that this war will be won by your soldiers, don't you?” Revan stood. “Maybe if that is what you believe, you are correct. But you yourself, sadly, are not going to come close to winning this war. Though you have been a help, I can clearly see that you are against my methods.” Revan nodded to me. I smiled, for reasons that then, I couldn't know. But she raised her hand, and the Admiral was lifted off his feet. She pulled her arm back, and the almost nauseating sound of bone breaking was heard. The Admiral slumped to the deck, every soldier looking at him, then at Revan in a silenced awe. The Admiral struggled to face Revan. He said nothing, nor did she.

“Captain Siyn. I believe that you can deal with him?” Revan said, as she again began meditating.

“Gladly.” I said, as I pulled my lightsaber from my belt. “So sorry, Admiral Crowe. You must know that I've been fed up with you since the start of this war. I would say that I hate to do this, but I can't say that with any measure of truth.” I ignited the purple blade, and it cast its glow on my skin. Stabbing the blade through his chest, I got a final look in his eyes. They looked just as you would expect, since he was always unsure of what I would do, but even then, a small glint said that even he couldn't believe that I was doing this. Did it matter to me? Not in the slightest.

I removed the blade from his chest, and swung it, and all on the bridge watched his head sever, quite cleanly, from his body. Revan didn't look at me, but she simply said “Well done, Admiral Siyn”

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