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Anyone remember Batman of the Future? (/Batman Beyond, iirc)

Man, that used to be one of my favorite shows. It was dark, and mature. If they
made a clone wars cartoon like that, imo it could have really become big.

But what i really wanted was more of Gendy Tartakovsky's Clone wars.



I haven't really watched the new clone wars series, so i can't comment too much. But as i have said before, shooting for the younger demographic is a sound idea. Theyre building a new fanbase that will grow up and still want more. IMO wait a couple years and we'll see a lot more of mature SW, aimed at the kids who used to watch Clone Wars, but now want more mature stuff. Its keeping SW rolling.

If i was 12, i think i'd probably love the clone wars.

Originally Posted by Avery
The most interesting thing to come out of this series is going to be how they write Asoka out of Star Wars Canon when the series is over. It is a children's show, but we all already know that Anakin kills everyone in the temple and hunts the rest of the Jedi down to Obi-wan, Yoda, Luke, and a handful of others in the EU.

This essentially means they will need to find a clever way to kill her or make her disappear permanently, otherwise it is essentially Canon that he kills her in the Jedi purge at the end of the Clone Wars.

Considering she is not anywhere in the third movie, she'll at least have to disappear before Palpatine gets kidnapped. After her disappearance it is seemingly never mentioned again that he had a Padawan at any time, which is why I hate her character at face value regardless of her qualities. Even if she was killed or disappeared, it is odd that something as important as a Padawan would never be mentioned again or that she wouldn't confront him as Vader since she would have a connection to him almost as close as Obi-wan.
yeah, bad writing IMO. I don't hate her, but i am curious as to what theyre going to do with her. I though that maybe she''ll turn to the dark side, but decided that'll never happen, since this is a kid's show.
IMO she'll probably survive. It can provide a base for that mature stuff thats sure to be coming in a few years. Ashoka, by herself, perhaps on some mission to turn Anakin back to the light, also dealing with issues (anger, betrayal, fighting slipping to the dark side herself).

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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