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well so far appears to be a fake. i downloaded yahoo instant messenger and added her onto it. on her myspace she apparently just started that up on the 28th december 2009, and i checked the profile for her yahoo instant messenger and that started up on the same exact day. so i'm 90% certain it's another hoax. oh well. the weird thing though, is she lives in lancaster, around where i used to live.

work was boring today. i got sick. sore throat ftl.

i think something weird is going on with my eyes, i keep getting astigmatism-like symptoms in them. maybe i'm not getting proper hydration. or i've just had too much to drink the past week. (1/2 bottle of soco tuesday and then on thursday all those "Free" drinks) eh, i'll be ok. maybe.

my car didn't want to start today as well, so i had have my dad take me to work. that was fun. i hope my car starts tomorrow, i really want to get to the gym and just sweat the sickness out. i feel like ****.

got a day set up with my friends for bowling, possibly anyway, this friday. it's something to keep me hanging out with my friends, yet away from the clubs/bars.

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