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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
Well i finally made it into the game last night for real, finished the tutorial section wtih some extra tries getting across that one lot with the wrecked cars i love the apartmenet and the visuals are just amazing, i really am going to enjoy this game for the detail put into the 3D world is just what I like, ...

simply amazing.

one there any hot key or control that allows us to see our own face or front? in Oblvion you can hold down the R key and other games have something like that too... just was curious to see how "I" look

thanks for all help and tips, i loaded up the latest unofficial patch with the full settings because i really wanted to see all the restored content.

I have all the graphics settings all the way up including the rain, which i really like and my card seems very happy with the game.

I had a buddy in rehab who looked and talked just like that guy in the tutorial, made me nostalgic, he was a Hells Angel, and that guy made it seem just like home.
The official patch doesn't let you do that, but the unoffical patches do add hotkeys to change the camera orientation around your player. Pressing 8 on the key pad gives you the front view, 2 sets you back to, well, the player's back, while 4 and 6 gives you the side views. Pressing minus or plus on the keypad lets you get a closer(+) or farther look(-).

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