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I actually think Ahsoka will die before the end of the Clone Wars series and that will direct Anakin a step closer to turning to the dark side. He's already shown attachment to her.

Besides, Ahsoka was NOT in Episode III as Anakin didn't have a Padawan. So something happens to her. Sure, you may want to assume she could have been knighted, but you have to remember that she was barely leaving the Jedi Temple and given that Master-Padawan relationship when this series started so she's still very young and there are a short number of years during the Clone Wars. There is no way she would be ready to be a Knight by the time Episode III happens.

Besides, Ahsoka is someone who is a lot like Anakin in a way and the Council was hoping that if he saw some of himself in her that it would actually help him grow as a Jedi and it hasn't exactly worked out the way the Council had hoped, especially Yoda. Also, if she wasn't head strong and just obeyed everything she was told to do; basically more of a traditional Padawan that has been established, she would be a very boring character. She shows signs of a young teen with her headstrong attitude and thinking that she knows everything. I already know some my older siblings with teenage children can see a lot of her in their's.

But the overall conclusion of Ahsoka and the purpose would be to give someone to Anakin to become attached to and to lose to help build a stronger foundation on why he was able to manipulated to the dark side of the Force.

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