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Originally Posted by RebornWookiee View Post
ok i want a tfu 2 just as much as anyone else (although kotor 3 and not a stupid mmo would have been better) but how are they going to do the game when marek died? Its driving me insane.
Simple. Make him not dead.
Behind door 1 is a clone, which would suck and conflict, since in the trailer Marek remembers Juno. Blackman seems to drool with everything that's somewhat 'Michael Bay' so a clone could be it sadly
Behind door 2 is Marek. The boy survived because he was faking his death, Vader saved him, etc...
Behind door 3 is Star Wars: Infinites; it continues a 'what if he survived' and they have Marek do things that can conflict with canon (fighting on Hoth, training Luke, etc).
Behind door 4..well...lies mystery.

I'd pick the toaster though. Hopping for the best behind a door will always result in sadness.

(Metaphor for Lucasarts creative way of thinking, where 'non-la' games like Kotor are the non-bombastic epic games are the toaster that will please you, and the LA games that are behind those mystery doors will always be a new ****ty in-house Star Wars game...or a goat...or convertable. Meh.)

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