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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post

my car didn't want to start today as well, so i had have my dad take me to work. that was fun. i hope my car starts tomorrow, i really want to get to the gym and just sweat the sickness out. i feel like ****.
could be the battery, ****ty batteries + cold as hell weather = no start

even my newer interstate isnt loving this 0F weather

you can try and start the car and let it idle before you go to bed if you need to go somewhere when you get up, just let it warm up and the battery will get recharged

got a day set up with my friends for bowling, possibly anyway, this friday. it's something to keep me hanging out with my friends, yet away from the clubs/bars.
not a bad idea. I need to cut more gluten and wheat out of my diet, so I need to meet friends are bars less. I can only drink so much water, and I do not like paying 5 bucks a pop for gin and tonics all the time........and i dont drink pop
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