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Originally Posted by Mrcharlton View Post
If Ahsoka is 13 in in 22BBY, she would be about 35, 36, 37, or 38 by FU2 depending on when it takes place.
did you read Shem's post?

Anyway, right on the money shem. But there is a big question there. There are two options here.

1. Ahsoka dies in the Series like Shem Said

2. Ahsoka turns to the Dark Side (multiple reasons. Watch the show and you would know)

3. Ahsoka leaves the order for her own path, like I said, the Jolee Bindo Path. But you gotta realize, LucasFilm is all about the Happy Happy Joy Joy stuff, and they won't kill off a character like that, because it would upset the younger audience. Well LF, you gotta make a choice
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