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XWA: Tractor beam in skirmish

Hello, everyone. I have a question/problem, I'd appreciate some useful input.

The tour of duty missions allow me to install a beam weapon in, say, the A-wing. However, if I try to install it in one as part of a Skirmish mission/template, I am unable to do so. I mean, on some ships, the option is grayed out, for instance the T/F. But on some, like the A-wing, you can set up the tractor beam in the pre-mission screen... however, once the game is launched, the player using the A-wing still doesn't get a beam weapon. Is this true for other people as well, or just me and my friends?

I am thinking this is not intended and I am either doing something wrong, or this is a bug. The reason I think so is that A) the tour of duty missions allow the beam weapon on rebel craft and B) this unbalances Rebel vs Imp combat in skirmish because the tractor beam is both powerful when used for its intended purpose, as well as when used as extra power to the engine so you can regenerate lasers and shields more instead.

So is there any way to make the beam weapon work on ships other than T/D and T/A in Skirmish, the ones which seem to allow installing it when you're setting up the mission? A fix, edit of one files, maybe mod?

Thanks in advance for the replies.

PS. I am playing the game un-modded, straight from the box, with the 2.02 patch applied.
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