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Originally Posted by Astor Kaine View Post
Uh, no. It doesn't have to be a contest of arms. If anything, using such an opportunity makes him even more qualified. If he fought Darth Plagueis, there's a chance he'd be killed (or badly wounded), which is hardly useful if he planned on becoming the next Dark Lord.

Malak chose to eliminate his master in a similar way, firing on his command ship when it had been crippled and boarded by Jedi strike teams.

Part of being a Sith is about cunning, and making use of such opportunities.
dude for real... the Dark Side is all about the strong surviving, the strongest only deserves the chance of becoming the dark lord, the winner suceeds... it is a contest man. ESPECIALLY when Sidious followed Darth Banes "RULE OF TWO" in which Bane Stated what i jus said... think about it, past sith apprentices would team up and go against there masters and then turn on eachother, therefore weakening the order. so if Sidious killed Plagueis in his sleep, then theres no telling who was strongest. he took the cowards way out, for he attacked his master after his master explained to him of creating a being of the embodiment of the force itself. and the darkside is all about learning EVERYTHING you can then destroying it when its of no more use. in this Sidious defied the rules of the darkside, because he killed his master without learning all of his secrets. for example, saving people from death and creating life for he didnt know how to do it in episode three and in star wars universe and in other books and stories he's SEARCHING for that secret... he killed his master because he was a coward because he feared his master would replace him
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