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Originally Posted by Revan_Malak View Post
Zahn hasn't had one bad story, and I've read a lot of Timothy Zahn's work. All in my Wookieepedia account.
Saw on your Wookiepedia account you are thinking of reading Death Troopers, great book IMO, it was a good thriller (idk if you would call it that) combined with Star Wars.

Originally Posted by Revan_Malak View Post
Again, if you want Star Wars, read everything, before 2007-08. Everything after is rubbish.
Currently reading the "Legacy of the Force" series, good so far but have not gotten to the post 2007 books in the series. But from what I have heard it is a good series. I also have read some of the books from the "Fate of the Jedi" series and they were fairly good too (But that is jumping the gun on the "Legacy of the Force" series though) So I have to partially agree with you.

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