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KotOR has definately been the most fun I've had over a long period of time with any of these games. Battlefront 2 has deinately eaten up way more hours and I have a bazzilion amazing memories from it, but the majority are from either mods or primarily the people I played with, which I give LA no credit for. I played through the JK II campaign, thats about it, it was fairly eh in my opinion. Same with RC except I still play RC from time to time, although the reasoning for that has yet to be something other than Im bored of steam games and Im too lazy to put in an actual disk so Im going to play the game on my system that doesnt require a disk. Which isnt actually true, because I have sins of a solar empire and UT2k4 too. But if Im too impatient to put a disk in, Im definately not patient enough for sins. And UT2k4 gets boring when all you can do is play against bots that you either cut through without struggle or who headshot you before you've even spawned.

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