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Well, I don't anymore. I mean, there still are good books, but you just have to be able to tell a good book from a bad one.

Imperial Commando - 501st was definitely a great book. Death Troopers has been really interesting too(page 170 out of ~264 ). I plan on reading both the LotF and FotJ series, because it's Star Wars LMAO. That's why I began reading NJO - I wanted to read LotF and not say 'You mean...Ani is dead?! And where's Chewie, anyway?! He's...he's what?! Who was the genius behind that one?!'.

"...Turns to me, and he says,
'why so serious, son?'
Comes at me with the knife...
'Why so serious?'
He sticks the blade in my mouth...
'Let's put a smile on that face!' "
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