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Chapter IV – Malachor V

Before Malachor, we knew that the war was coming to a close. We knew that the Mandalorians were breaking at every seam they could. We had taken back nearly all the words that they conquered, destroyed nearly all of their fleet, and our moral couldn't have been higher. All the Jedi, all the soldiers felt just the same way: that we were going to win. Though Revan had other thoughts. Ones that she never conveyed to many, only those who where closest to her. Before the war would truly end, she knew that there was one person, among many more, who had to die. The one person, was Mandalore, the de-facto leader of all the Mandalorians. His death would ring the bell that would end this bloody war. Though, afterward a death knell would ring for another group. One that would harken a darkness into the galaxy that it might never recover from. A darkness that I was falling into.

Many, aside from myself, know exactly how the Battle of Malachor V played out. Trouble was, while all of our forces were committed to the fight, we didn't realize that it was an ambush. Mandalore had rallied all his remaining forces as Malachor. It was only Revan, that knew he would do it, against his better wishes. The battle's onset, was a small group of ships, that we easily broke through, though not without a small amount of losses on our part. But after, came the rest of his forces. Granted, it wasn't a large fleet, but it was sizable enough that it worried me, and every other commander that saw it.

All this aside, we still had a last resort method. One that many didn't like, but one that Revan said was necessary. There was a good reason that a select few commanders kept their ships a distance from the planet. These were the ones that had given their sincere loyalty to Revan and her cause, the ones she valued. The rest, were the doubters, the ones who disagreed with her methods. Their fate would echo across the galaxy, farther then any would expect.

When the order was given, it was only a matter of time. None of us knew exactly what that mechanization would do, but we knew that it would be lethal. What we saw, was the implosion of Malachor, dragging all ships into its gravity well, crushing the ships, and the people aboard them. For those aboard our ships that were force-sensitive, we all felt it. The pain of the dead, the dying. Some of us were able to endure it, some by not listening, others by focusing on something else. To me, it was a pain unlike any other. The kind of pain that kolto won't heal, the kind of pain that even time can't phase. I didn't know it then, but after, I would be one of the 'lucky' ones, the few that didn't lose their power over the force, because of what happened during the battle.

It also sent a shock-wave into space, making the remaining ships shudder. I was thrown against a wall, nearly giving in to the pain. My last view was a pool of red on the floor beside me. I drifted into a black abyss, feeling it all just slipping away. It could've all just ended there. But again, I had heard what Revan said before she left to command her own fleet - the one that would go after Mandalore himself.

“What do you mean, Malachor is the end?”

Revan sighed. “That is the world that we will lure them to. That is were we will make them fall. Though they will ambush us there, it won't help them win. It will give them an edge, possibly the edge of the sword I don't want them to have. But it won't let them win.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

She turned to me, with a look that was firm, yet still soft, not unlike her usual. “Like many others, you are too important to die easily. You have a strong will that won't allow it.”

“You mean that I won't die at Malachor? That no matter what happens, no matter the choices I make, I will survive them?”

“In time you will understand. Know that the understanding will come with great pain, but in the end, you will always be what you made yourself. You will never be ruled by your power, only your wish to live.”

As I lay there, my mind in darkness, I hoped that what she told me then, was true. I indeed had a wish to live. I didn't want to face death, nor conquer it. I wanted to fight it, and arise victorious at every turn, no matter how much pain I might have to endure. Time would prove Revan right, but it would be another who truly would understand what I would become.

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