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Originally Posted by Mrcharlton View Post
Thats what I'm sayin'! If she wasn't Anakin's padawan, she would make a good padawan for Luminara or Plo Koon.
According to the movie, the Jedi Council didn't think so. They apprenticed Ahsoka to Anakin because they knew having those two together would benefit both of them. Ahsoka would not only benefit from his teaching, but also learn obedience (and learn how to curb her tongue). Simultaneously, Anakin would learn patience teaching her (and putting up with her ), and he would become more responsible.

PS: You said that you think Ahsoka should just be good friends with Anakin, not his padawan. Like I said in my previous post, that simply wouldn't be possible. Either Ahsoka's his apprentice and his friend, or she's not his apprentice and just another padawan.

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