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Shocked that you laughed.... most of my phil peers roll their eyes on my pun-ishment

Glad to know how it was derailed... I can give lots of examples of "why religion is useful".... but I might make unhappiness occur. Someone's sig here at LFN says it quite perfectly, something about the wise and the powerful.... and how religion is used by different classes.

I have nothing to add here - other than I find absolutely zero REASON to believe that the God posited by the religions of the Book exists, and find it absurdly easy to refute that God. This does not mean that no God exists, but the more man-given attributes are attributed to God, the less likely that that God could be real.

I did not say, christian folk, that your God does not exist. I did say that I think he lives in the same neighborhood as Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

Utopia FTW!
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