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The worst case scenario is going to be if Lucas gets involved

Can't get any worse than that, can it? And no, I don't think Zahn wants any part of the carnage. He's writing 'Choices', and I like the title and the idea behind it both. Mara Jade, Luke Skywalker(the real Luke) and Admiral Thrawn. 'The Hand of Judgment'. What more than you want?

And the title is very descriptive. Choices. He chose not to take part in the carnage that is destroying Star Wars. He grows even more in my eyes for his choice to stand by the true Star Wars and its legacy.

"...Turns to me, and he says,
'why so serious, son?'
Comes at me with the knife...
'Why so serious?'
He sticks the blade in my mouth...
'Let's put a smile on that face!' "
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