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Personally, I thought the last great star wars games were Knights of the Old Republic and Empire at War. The first gameplay/multiplayer of The Force Unleashed was good, but the moment Vader shows up on Hoth, the plot's writing just spiraled into crap for me.

The PSP "games" are Lucas Arts attempt to throw their hat into the ring of PSP gaming. They were intended as stand alone, not to be released alongside anything else. The point of them was to find a way to get players to buy both a star wars game AND a PSP, and to branch out to PSP users, all in an attempt to increase their revenue after losing sales due to the economy and, ironically, players not buying their games due to poor quality. They even released that "special" Darth Vader PSP with Renegade squadron package.

Of course, these are just short term solutions, and don't change the fact that Lucas Arts needs to start expanding. They've made dozens of games featuring the same characters and events over and over, rather than expanding into the EU (still no "Bounty Hunter" sequel with Boba Fett, or Republic Commando sequel as Imperial Commandos). Its a sad day for Star Wars when 10+ year old games are more enjoyable than their new games.

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