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Originally Posted by Vandros Artenon View Post
Bah; ultimately, it doesn't matter anyway. He "lives" because Lucas Arts was lazy and felt more like making a game with [2] shiny graphics and implausibly large super rancor monsters that'd draw in cheap money [1] than put in effort and make a game with a logical plot.
I am skeptical about what they are going to do about Starkiller's "supposed" death ("Palpatine and Vader were able to shield themselves with the Force and believed Marek was dead." wookieepedia) but:

[1] We have no clue how the game is going to be (plot wise), why don't we just

Originally Posted by SITHWARRIOR101
wait for it to come out and have a rational explanation
before flaming about there being no effort put into it.


[2] Shiny Graphics? I assume that you mean good graphics (life-like, good nice landscape, etc)...So do you want good graphics in a game?? Or is my understanding correct, that you would rather have crappy graphics?

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