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Originally Posted by Sepp Omek View Post
We don't know much at this point.Was it stated that this game was to take place after the events in TFU? If not it's possible it could take place during the first one.
This is when paying attention comes into play. Watch the trailer and listen to every piece of dialogue you hear. That can give you clues.

For example you overlooked Juno's voice. She asked, "Will I ever see you again?" Guess when that was spoken? On the Death Star; right before he went to go confront the Sith to save the Rebellion.

So if you analyze that, you know that means Starkiller is remembering as a past event which means this is after his "death", which means it's after the events of the first game.

Also, Starkiller looks older in the trailer. That should have been another hint to anybody, not just you.

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