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It's a good game... but I never had the time to devote to playing it properly.

I've come to like games I can play in short bursts and still make forward progress. (Guitar Hero; Forza...)

An epic RPG is just not really the game for me right now...

Spent the evening over M.'s place trying to seal windows. Tough. It's a seriously drafty place. I think I stemmed the worst of it... but all the plastic sheeting I put up is billowing in on the windows like the sails on a Spanish galleon.

I froze my *** of there while I was working. I can see why she complains. Her place costs a lot of money, and it's that cold and drafty... yikes!

She's going to have the landlord over to look at the window plastic bulging in like that (on closed and locked windows with the storms down) and see what he thinks. He should knock half the rent off... or agree to pay the heating bill all winter if you ask me.

Took her to eat afterwards at a Japanese hot-pot/ soup place. Nice hot soup. And hot Sake (for her...)

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