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Originally Posted by The_Red_Warrior View Post
Now I would not say those guys have to much time on their hands. I am apart of at least three other sites that deal with people making armor like that. Heck even I am making my own custom mandalorian armor. I already got my helmet done and the armor plates cut out. Took some time but I managed through.....even I have little time on my hands but it is slowly moving.

And the painting for the helmet took me almost three days to complete and this was the week of Halloween 2009. It came out that amazing woot!!!
Tbh, I think it'd depend on how long it takes them to make it. If they bang it out in a few months, they've got too much time on their hands. If it takes them a couple years, then they actually have a life. xD I'm 'semi-interested' in making custom armor, but I don't have the resources or the skills to really get into it. :/ Could you please provide links to those sites? Thanks.

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I don't want to get my hopes up, but it's like the planets are aligning or something.
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