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What did you want?

*Speil alert*

Way back when i joined in what....2000? 1999? (under Brighteyesmonkey) the world was massive, infinite and possibilities endless. I reckoned that i'd find my Monkey Island, it existed out there somewhere. After 10 years of travel, eclectic lifestyle and reform i haven't found it. This place existed in my head and that should have been where it stayed, because to spend a life searching has lead to a (confusingly) optimistic nihilism.
The deep rooted talons of belief in my imagination hold fast but are constantly being battered by the hordes of first hand experiences of human nature.
I'm saying this now because monday i leave for India and Nepal for 3 months, the suffering and corruption there are only going to reinforce those hordes laying seige to my hope. The places i'm visiting are also very unstable, so if you don't hear from me again, thank you and live for the now.

My question: Was MI just a game to you or did it begin a path to aspiration?
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