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With kse ver 3.3.3 tk102 I have found that If you add more than

1 of a allowed item in kotor or kotor2sith lords it messes up your save game.

Thus you have to delete your save game and play your last

save game then when you reach the point you need to be at save it.

I have also found out that each time you play the game

before starting kotor1 or 2 you have to re enter all your edits

including the good/evil part I set mine to 0/99999 for evil.

But before you set your good/evil part delete the zero

thats automatically in there then enter your own zero and 5 9's.

And heres a major problem but it does pay to use common since on this one.

The problem with the class part is when you go to change it

before you hit change do your homework on the various classes.

If you are a soldier I suggest changeing it to jedi counsaler casue you can use a

lightsaber and force powers.

Now for the porblem when I first did this I didnt hit the change

button but the add button which casued a error problem with kse

and messed up my save game.

And like before I had to delete it and re play everything but I didnt mind.

And there was one edit I did one kse ver 3.3.3 tk102 that messed

the actual game up it loaded to one point then stuck.

I also know that kotor 1 and 2 glitch but it also sticks and then goes black screen

all at the same time.

I have also discovered the kse ver 3.3.3 tk102 can make it glitch more offten but

not sure if it casues the sticking and screen going black all at the same time.

I have witnessed kotor party members moving at snail speed sometimes in the game

regardles of location.

I hope this information helps everyone who uses kse ver 3.3.3 tk102

from makeing the same mistakes aka errors that I did.

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