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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Well it's easy to see any kind of chaos when all forms of police units and law enforcement not to mention politics are washed away. Without water, electricity, or shelter there are obviously going to be problems. However, a country filled with corruption doesn't collapse to the point where people automatically go crazy and loot left and right.
Interesting thought... Lots of municipalities are un(der)funded to the point where some of the more basic needs are in danger. It is not impossible to believe that some areas may go without police service in the near future.

Course my mother has a feeling that this year is going to be very rough. Actually according to her, people are gonna be robbing people on the streets a lot more. She tends to be right in her predictions. Better than 80% accuracy. She believes that God is talking through her. When her predictions are wrong, though there's usually something very close about them.

Example of when she was "wrong":
She gave me some blue towels. She told me that God told her that I needed blue in my life. Well at the time I just said... "um... okay" well shortly after that an old friend of mine and my former guitarrist called me up and we started hangin out again. His nick name is Blue. When my father died, he and I started playin music again, and honestly that has been what kept me going for the past year. Sooo while the whole blue towels thing was technically wrong, the "Blue" thing was right.

So when she adamantly says that I need to get a handgun, I tend to think it might be a good idea.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." Thomas Jefferson
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