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((Sorry I took long, guys. Studying and final exams. Done now! ))

During Lyna and Syana's fight, the same Cyborg guy from earlier popped out of nowhere and shot at Syana. It looked like he was helping Lyna!

"You're sick and tired!?! You Sith have foiled my plans far too many times well that ends with your life."

Syana turned and defelcted his shots. Doing so, she Force pushed Lyna into the wall of the rooftop. "Fool! I've a job to do for my Master! So back... OFF!!" She Force pushed him away as well.

Suddenly, another shot came. This time, it was from Cade Skywalker. As she deflected his shots, she grinned. "Cade Skywalker. Descendant of Darth Vader. You were foolish to not join the Dark Side. Too bad though." She reached out to Force choke him. "You will die..."

From behind, two shots were heard. When the Sith apprentice turned, the first shot hit her right waist side. Then the second hit her left arm, wounding her. Syana fell to the floor, yelling in agony.

Lyna staggered up. "Wait! Don't kill her!" she yelled to her companions.
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