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Cylax felt the push but he did not hit the ground rather than slide for a bit. He grunted before making his way to the roof where the battle was taking place. As he reached the top he found the Sith on the floor.

"Wait! Don't kill her!"

Cylax laughed and made his way towards the Sith. He pointed his left arm at the girl and a small coil shot out of it and it zapped the Sith.

"Don't worry, its only to keep her in place. That's the problem with you Jedi, you're to quick to show mercy for your enemies. You might want to take this opportunity to restrain her." he said as the coil retracted.

He looked over to Lyna and nodded however when he looked over to Cade he did not.

"This didn't change anything between us, for now I offer a truce. Next time though, you better watch your back."
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