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"Cade Skywalker. Descendant of Darth Vader. You were foolish to not join the Dark Side. Too bad though." She reached out to Force choke him. "You will die..."

Cade smirked and chuckled, under the grasp of the Sith's force choke. "Not yet..." he breathed. Two shots came from behind her, and injured her enough to let him go. He collapsed on the floor, and glared at the agonised sith lady.

He pulled himself up and walked forward, unclipping his lightsaber. Desire to kill was seen within Cade's eyes.

"Wait! Don't kill her!" she yelled to her companions.

"Don't worry, its only to keep her in place. That's the problem with you Jedi, you're to quick to show mercy for your enemies. You might want to take this opportunity to restrain her." The Cyborg stated. Cade continued onward, igniting his saber.

"Or..." he began. "We just simply kill her right here, right now. Where she wont cause any further harm!" he placed the tip of his glowing saber near her head. "These things need to be killed for a very, very good reason!"

"This didn't change anything between us, for now I offer a truce. Next time though, you better watch your back."

Cade glanced up at him, while squinting and frowning at the same time. He was having a very hard time trying to remember this man, especially if he is covered with shiny metal all over his body, making him difficult to identify. "...Uh sure... Whats your name again?"

((Dont worry Cyborg, I did read everyword of your profile. I just thought this would add to a humourus fashion if Cade cant remember the man he crippled lol ))
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