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A slight smirk ran across Dravin's face as he saw his two blaster bolts make contact with the Sith female warrior. It's was however disappointing that he would have to adjust his aim a little better for more accurate shots in the future but for now it seems with the help of the creature covered in metal the threat had been subdued for now. Slowly Dravin raised himself to his feet returning his blaster to his holster on his left leg. Clipping the lock back in place he walked out of the shadows and towards the collapsed body of the Sith woman on the floor.

His heart still ran though his chest, the beat seemed to echo through his ears with every step closer he made to her. At the moment Dravin didn't really care about the conversation Cade and what ever that other thing was were having. What interested him most was the Sith. Obviously it was after Cade's female companion. But for what reason?

Squatting down onto the floor Dravin looked over the stunned Sith. He knew that Cade was more then happy to want to kill her. But perhaps they could make some use of her.

"I'm sorry Ma'am. My memory seemed to have failed me at the moment. Could I have your name, please" He said looking over at Lyna the best he could with the hood still covering up most of his face.

"And Cade..." he continued "Wouldn't it be best to gather intelligence about your enemy before you destroy them? Unless being so quick to judge and prosecute is really what 'Jedi' are all about"

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