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""And Cade..." he continued "Wouldn't it be best to gather intelligence about your enemy before you destroy them? Unless being so quick to judge and prosecute is really what 'Jedi' are all about"

"First of all, I am no Jedi. I'm just another guy who wields the force and a Lightsaber. Second of all, thank you for saving my life - I guess I'll let you off of the hook for stowing away on my ship. And thirdly..."

He glaned down at the Sith woman, his face completely emotionless. "What possible information could we gain from keeping this one alive? These Sith possess nothing but lies and deceit within them. They are driven by war and have murdered many innocent lives for thousands of years. They are inconsiderate, mindless monsters and we have every right to quickly judge and prosecute them on sight. How would I know this? Because I was one of them."
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