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((That's perfectly fine PK. I like the idea ))

"...Uh sure... Whats your name again?"

Cylax stood there completely motionless. He felt his left hand twitch for a few seconds before forming into a fist. He no longer cared about the sith on the floor but rather his gaze was fixed on Cade once more. He himself getting madder by the second as Cade began speaking. He raised his right arm into the air and fired a shot.

"That's it! You leave me to die and you can't even remember my name?!?! Allow me to remind you then. I am Cylax Naus, ex bounty hunter. You sliced off my arm in my attempt to capture you and because of that my grenade was activated...I had to crawl all the way back to my ship with one arm, half a leg and severe burns. So now I look the way I am, and for making me suffer I don't see why I shouldn't return the favor."

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