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Originally Posted by vanir View Post
I understand, it's a complicated contention I've made: the connection between "religious" and "right" in the term "religious right" is a bipartisan conjuration.
What is a 'bipartisan conjuration'?
Originally Posted by vanir
All I'm saying is it's far too socially acceptable to hold religious institutions responsible for the hollow claims of what anyone here would recognise are nothing more than salesmen.
That's not what the OP is asking for, however.

Originally Posted by vanir
As with Arabic terrorists, you're talking about a very small demographic of extremists and sociopaths and just because they like to use self justified terms, you go ahead and let them lead you by the nose to claim greater institutional responsibility for their poor intentions.
I don't believe the OP was asking about this, either.

Originally Posted by vanir
Everyone wants to replace daddy.
I have no clue where you're going with this one.

Originally Posted by vanir
There is no church attempting to take over the United States government, ya silly little conspiracy theorists.
No one asserted this, nor did anyone claim a conspiracy, unless I missed something in a recent post.

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